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SUN Junior Noël - Noël aux Etats-Unis

Cette semaine, les élèves de la section internationale de CM2 de l'école Anatole de Monzie à Nantes nous présentent leurs chroniques spéciales Noël ! Et en anglais s'il-vous-plaît !

Ils interviendront régulièrement à l'antenne pour nous apprendre un peu d'anglais sur des thématiques spécifiques.

Vous avez aimé la chronique ? Retrouvez leur texte ci-dessous :

Elina : Hello ! My name is Elina.

Ivan : Hello, my name is Yvan.

Elina : Today, we are with Anna, Nathan, Lilianne and Camille.

Ivan : They are American or they have lived in America. They are going to tell us how
they celebrate Christmas in the USA.

Avant cela, un peu de vocabulaire pour bien comprendre :

- twins : des jumeaux

- to begin : commencer

- tinsel : des guirlandes de Noël

- a turkey : une dinde

- chocolate meatballs : des gâteaux au chocolat en forme de boulettes

- gingerbread : pain d’épices

- peppermint : menthe

- to dip : plonger, tremper

- a present : un cadeau


Elina : Anna, where do you come from ?

Anna : I am French but I have lived in Houston, Texas.

Ivan : Lilianne, where do you come from ?

Lilianne : I come from North Carolina in America.

Elina : Camille and Nathan, you are twins. Where do you come from ?

We come from Berkeley in California.

Ivan : When do you start preparing Christmas ?

Anna : In America, the festive season begins on the fourth Thursday of November, it means
after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving officially marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

Elina : Do you decorate your house for Christmas ?

Nathan : Yes, we love Christmas decorations. Weeks before Christmas, houses are
decorated with trees and coloured lights, tinsel, stars and angels. Electric lights are
installed in homes, commercial buildings and business centers too.

Ivan : What is a traditional American Christmas dinner ?

Camille : The traditional Christmas dinner in USA includes turkey or ham, potatoes or
pie. We also eat chocolate meatballs ...

Elina : What are your favourite Christmas movies ?

Camille : It’s Miracle on the 34th street (miracle sur la 34ème rue)

Lilianne : It’s Rise of the Guardians (Les 5 Légendes en français)

Ivan : What is your favourite Christmas recipe ?

Nathan : I like christmas pudding. 

Camille : Gingerbread houses are my favourite !

Lilianne : My sister usually crushes up peppermint and then dips in chocolate and freezes
it. It is really good. And some people sometimes drink hot chocolate.

Elina : Anything special about how you celebrate Christmas at home ?

Camille: Our family goes to the beach and we have Christmas there. We also have
Christmas parties.

Lilianne : On Chrismas Eve, my American family and my French family meet up and eat
lots of food and open presents that we give each other.


Ivan : Oh and before you go, can you remind us what are the names of Santa ‘s
reindeer ?

Lilianne : Father Christmas’ reindeers are called :

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph.
(Lilianne + Anna)

Elina : Thank you very much for answering our questions.